Sustain SMEs

   Start:  01-11-2021

   Einde:  31-10-2022

Programma: Erasmus+

Referentie: KA220-VET-9FA6C247



SustainSMEs wants to develop a control mechanism within SMEs to increase or maintain their sustainability performance. In addition, they want to define a new role within the SME structure to allocate specific roles and responsibilities related to sustainability. The recognition of skills and qualifications according to the EQF in Europe is essential. According to SustainSMEs, it is important to improve the sustainability practices and prospects of SMEs. They want to promote innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy conservation, in line with the EU strategy for SMEs. Sustainable development creates more jobs and strengthens the role of VET in education SME management on sustainability policies and practices. Emphasize the use of EQF and ECVET.