Start:  01.10.2019

   Einde:  30.09.2021

The soft skills learning game we want to develop in this project will focus on the soft skills most needed by students and young people who start in the real world of work (based on desktop research and needs partners and students to conduct an analysis) and will include different types of resources and learning tools.

Leader is designed to produce high quality intellectual results that allow FP students increased leadership skills of young people in all types of VET institutions. The project is very innovative because this project is not only being developed for FP students but also for VET students.

The project consortium has experience in the development of combined learning and e-learning courses, mentoring and coaching, and is aware of the importance of taking into account the peculiarities and preferences of FP learning.



  • 8D Games Stiching Business Development Friesland Fundatia Centrul Educational Spektrum CEBANC Malta Business Foundation TEC
  • Technical Education Copenhagens/l