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Next stop for UpGradeSME: San Sebastian

Together with the Municipality of Leeuwarden BDF visits cities all across Europe to learn about Internationalisation policy in the INTERREG Europe project UpGradeSME. Through this project lo...

Goodbye to SESAME

After 3 years of European collaboration and knowledge exchange the project SESAM...

Just released our October newsletter

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Discussing internationalisation policy in Pitesti

Accompanied by the members of the BDF board, BDF visited the fourth project meet...

5 Frisian Social Challenges online!

Business Development Friesland is selected to be one of the 20 European Social C...

Learning from Frisian Entrepreneurship education i

The schoolyear had only just begun when a European party travelled to Leeuwarden to experience  how we organise entrepreneurship education for VET student.Inqubator Leeuwarden had the pleasu...

BDF selected to be a Social Challenges Node!

The Social Challenges Innovation Platform is a far-reaching European online ecosystem encouraging the interaction between social innovators and SMEs for the co-development and take up of inn...

New project app to improve business performance

BDF is launching a new project management app designed specifically to help smal...

UpGradeSME analysis of impact

Together with the Municipality of Leeuwarden BDF joined the international consor...

bdf artikel Goodbye to SESAME

Goodbye to SESAME

After 3 years of European collaboration and knowledge exchange the project SESAME has come to an end. The project significantly raised awareness on social entrepreneurship and the synergy between social entrepreneurship and mentoring has been strongly embraced by all project partners and their regions. During the project lifespan project partners organised several events in the field of social enterprise and different mentoring networks have been established representing role models for young people. Project partners developed useful tools and training materials to stimulate social entrepreneurship and mentoring in the region. Fantastic initiatives and projects have emerged as a result of the SESAME project. One of them is that we have been selected to become the Social Challenge Node of the Social Challenges Innovation Platform. The platform aims to be a social innovation marketplace, where public authorities, private companies and third sector organisations can post and give visibility to social and environmental challenges they want to solve (challenge owners). At the same time, social innovators and entrepreneurs from across Europe will be invited to propose innovative solutions (solution providers). More information about this initiative via www.socialchallenges.eu.


The SESAME results, events and activities led to the integration of social enterprise supported by mentoring, in the strategy of VET’s, businesses and authorities on a regional, national and European level. Learn more about social entrepreneurship and mentoring, read about the events and activities and download our tools and materials on the SESAME website!


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