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Next stop for UpGradeSME: San Sebastian

Together with the Municipality of Leeuwarden BDF visits cities all across Europe to learn about Internationalisation policy in the INTERREG Europe project UpGradeSME. Through this project lo...

Goodbye to SESAME

After 3 years of European collaboration and knowledge exchange the project SESAM...

Just released our October newsletter

This Summer brought us a lot of exciting news! Read it in this newsletter.

Discussing internationalisation policy in Pitesti

Accompanied by the members of the BDF board, BDF visited the fourth project meet...

5 Frisian Social Challenges online!

Business Development Friesland is selected to be one of the 20 European Social C...

Learning from Frisian Entrepreneurship education i

The schoolyear had only just begun when a European party travelled to Leeuwarden to experience  how we organise entrepreneurship education for VET student.Inqubator Leeuwarden had the pleasu...

BDF selected to be a Social Challenges Node!

The Social Challenges Innovation Platform is a far-reaching European online ecosystem encouraging the interaction between social innovators and SMEs for the co-development and take up of inn...

New project app to improve business performance

BDF is launching a new project management app designed specifically to help smal...

UpGradeSME analysis of impact

Together with the Municipality of Leeuwarden BDF joined the international consor...

bdf artikel UpGradeSME analysis of impact

UpGradeSME analysis of impact

Together with the Municipality of Leeuwarden BDF joined the international consortium UpGradeSME. Through this INTERREG Europe project local governments and business support organisations work together to optimise policy measures on SME internationalisation stimulation. Existing policy measures will be shared across Europe and evaluated. After analysis they will be improved and implemented. 

BDF is responsible for coordinating the analysis topic IMPACT. The purpose of this summary document IMPACT is to summarize and evaluate the way the policy instruments subject of the UpGradeSME project (aiming towards internationalisation) measure impact.

The summary document IMPACT examines differences and similarities among the partner instruments, taking into account the review methods and indicators measured. Based on the input of all partners provided through the online survey, stakeholder input and exchange of experience workshops, a comparison / analysis of all policy instruments has been made. The IMPACT summary document not only provides an overview of the instruments and the way impact is measured but also lead to first recommendations to increase the effectiveness of impact measurement. Policy instrument responsible bodies in all countries have indicated areas of improvement in their impact measurement methods and methodologies. This reports not only identifies these needs but also provides them possible solutions by connecting them to a partner with firm experience in that specific field.

The summary document IMPACT is the second out of four separate thematic papers, prepared within the UpGradeSME project, following on the summary document METHODOLOGY. The summary document IMPACT will be followed and completed by the summary document COMMUNICATION which will evaluate how policy instrument responsible bodies communicate about their policy instruments to the target group.


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