Business Development Friesland helps other organisations to grow.

We connect businesses, schools and governments and support them to realise their economic, international and social ambitions. Both regionally in Friesland as well as internationally.

BDF and Inqubator events:

Intervisie Intervision Meeting - 25th april at the Kanselarij 

SICK - 9th May at the Kanselarij

Our international programme:

ACBC 16-17 April, Leeuwarden

RECRUIT Training 13-15 May, Leeuwarden

TCC VET 27-28 May, Badajoz 

IN-QUAL 13-14 June, Piraeus 

YOUTHNEST 14-25 June, Leeuwarden

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Latest news

Final Conference of the ROOTs project

On 2nd of July 2019, the North-East Regional Development Agency, organised the Final Conference of the ROOTs project  "Recognising Cultural Heritage Opportunities for Tourism SMEs", financed...

Startup Women's Cup at SICK

Did the great pitches, given at the SICK event, get stuck with you too? Dorien B...

HILLARY's third newsletter is out!

HILLARY is a project, with which we try to raise a new generation of female soci...

Who runs the world? Girls!

HILLARY platform is alive! We are happy to announce, that the educational materi...

Newsletter October 2018

Discover our new project, how we contribute to the tourism sector, Busi... against Cyberbullying!

Cyberbullying is a serious issue these days, 1 out of 10 children are victim to this kind of bullying. Business Development Friesland is proud that Inqubator Leeuwarden can contribute to sol...

Looking back at I-STEP!

Unbelievable! In about one month we will close off the I-STEP project. With a great partnership we have been working on international student entrepreneurship for two years. The biggest high...

Women Power Code

Empowering women to build digital skills! The Women Power Code project was devel...

RECREATE Needs Analysis done!

RECREATE aims to stimulate the acquisition of key competences, such as creativit...

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